Blog Hopping: Send Me Links to Your Best/Favorite Posts

Heya guys! So I decided to post this on here because I’d like to read more stuff but sometimes I just don’t know what to read. I’ll go through my reader and find a couple things to check out and then I’ll check Twitter only to find it overflowing with yaoi…

And then I thought, why not make a blog hopping post? Will it be successful or will it fail? Who knows but I decided to post it anyways


So basically I’m going around reading blog posts. If you find this post just leave me a link to either one of your favorite posts you’ve written or a favorite post written by someone else. There’s really no limit and I’ll eventually go through all the links that are left in the comments section. Obviously I’d rather you not leave me 50 links in one go or just your blog url. Gimme specific posts~

Let’s also keep it pg-13 unless it involves 2 guys LOL

Reading Devils and Realist v 1 – 10

Ok guys, so before I start this, I just want to show you all the covers of this series. Aren’t they SO NICE, like if you saw them at a bookstore, wouldn’t it make you curious about the content? Well, that is exactly what happened to me and this series. I think I picked this up around the time there were maybe 4 or 5 volumes, or maybe I only owned that many at the time…Either way, I jumped in to watch the anime and then sort of dropped it for awhile

But now I’m back, burning with unanswered questions that the anime left me with! Unfortunately, I only have so many volumes within hands reach and you bet I was left at a cliffhanger

So this series follows William Twining, a genius (practically) attending a prestigious school, who plans on being either a lawyer or politician and then swimming in loads of money. All seems to be going well until he’s pulled to the principal’s office and is told his tuition hasn’t been paid yet. Going home to see what’s wrong (they’re on break I believe), William finds that he is bankrupt. His uncle, who had been in charge of his assets since he’s still underage, had squandered all his fortune and then promptly disappeared. The only thing William has left is Kevin, his butler who believes that William will get them off the ground with his wits alone! Continue reading

Getting Through My TBR Pile: None of the Above, Hold Me Like A Breath, and That Summer

Hey guys! So I finally sat down and started reading something (I know, shocking!). I know it’s already 2 weeks into the new year but I just couldn’t figure out what to start on first, which seems to be the reason I don’t read as much now. I just don’t want to start something that I will potentially dislike (how negative, right? but it’s the same with everything, even anime)

But then I thought, hey, I have a whole bunch of new books, let me try some out. And here are my first impressions on a couple of them!

So I THINK I put this book on my TBR shelf last year. It just sounded interesting to me and woop! Christmas time and I got it as a gift. It ended up on my shelf for a little bit and then I thought, why not pick it up now? I had no idea what it was about (my memory is just so bad) but once I got to reading I didn’t want to put it down!

Continue reading

[Review] Big Windup S2 Hit A Homerun In My Little Sports Anime Lover Heart!

Ok guys, so I wasn’t expecting to get through this one so quickly but once I picked up season 2 it was so hard to stop!! Beware the spoilers for season 1 and maybe for season 2? I’ll try not to get into much detail but it’s so hard to when I’m so excited!


So in season 2 we pick up directly after season 1. Nishiura has just finished their first big game against a top school and they’ve WON. However, instead of riding on their high of winning, they keep working hard, never underestimating the next team they play but also trying out new game plans. Unknown to them, their next big competitor, Bijoudai Sayama, is studying them and are ready to do whatever it takes to win! Will Nishiura win the next game and become one of the Top 16 schools?

First I just want to say I don’t understand why this was split up into two seasons! I mean, what if someone wasn’t convinced about season 1 and they dropped it? They’d be missing out on all the new content and development in season 2! Plus, it just feels like it flows so naturally into season 2  Continue reading

[Review] Big Windup Is Cute and Feels Good But Also Very Slow In Comparison to Another Baseball Anime I Know

And the review is finally out! Though if you saw my little post on my FB page and Anime Planet profile, you might already know what I thought about this show (basically that I liked it!). At this point I have watched a couple other sports anime so it’ll be hard for me to not compare it with others. Which is why this is like a review/comparison post. Don’t forget to read my first impression since I won’t be introducing our main characters too much anymore. And beware spoilers because why not get a little excited?


In Big Windup we follow Mihashi, an extremely timid pitcher who was bullied in middle school for being a “sucky and selfish pitcher” (not a quote but basically what they meant). His teammates hate him and instead of confronting them and defending himself, Mihashi ends up running away and enrolling at Nishiura High School, away from all his old teammates

However, the ghost of their words still weigh on him Continue reading

Reading Air Gear v 1-6

Hey guys! So it’s been AWHILE since I last did one of these. I think since around my blog first started and I was reading Otomen and My Little Monster (there was also a third series but I can’t remember what it was called…). I figured it was about time I revived them because who doesn’t want more manga content on the blog? Besides, it’s a way to help me keep reading!

And since these are impressions by volume, SPOILERS abound! Especially once you get into anything after volume 1 because I talk a bit about the previous ones (hehe)


But yes, I have already started on my reading goals and because it was just right there, my first read is Air Gear. I mentioned I watched the anime when I was younger and I was trying to figure out when because I started reading the manga soon after. And oh boy, has this first volume surprised me. Not only does it feel SUPER different from what I remember, but it’s also more violent than I remember!  Continue reading